I found this waif at my favorite doll shop. She had chunks of hair cut out but I managed to do a little comb over in places and she looked pretty good. When it came time for the Sasha festival I needed a Ms.Morgenthaler and my ex-waif became Ms.Morgenthaler  She was named Bonnie after the shop owner.  I dressed her in a style of the 40's and tried to do a vintage hair style. With a lot of setting gell and curlers and hair pins I managed a style that I liked. She still wears her outfit and hairstyle.

Winnie seemed like a name that lent itself to teasing and I got my share in school

Winnie-the-Pooh, Winnie -the-Pooh & Tyler too (History class) and I use to work

for a Dr. named Plue who told me....."Just think, if you had married me you would

be "Winnie-the-Plue"

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